All together, let’s respect the barrier gestures against Corona:
with our employees, our visitors and our products.


To prevent the Corona virus from spreading,
it is now mandatory to wear a facemask on every trip within the company.
At the workstation, the mask can be removed on condition that a distance of 1.5 m can be guaranteed.

Wearing a mask is mandatory where many people gather.

Did you know that our products have an antibacterial surface property?

The nonporous surfaces of our Eurodekor TFL Particleboard, PerfectSense Lacquered MDF Boards, laminates and edge banding mean that our decorative surfaces are 99.9% germ and bacteria free 24 hours after being properly cleaned and sanitized.*

Our products are produced without the addition of antibacterial additives and are tested according to the internationally recognized test method (ISO 22196) for the evaluation of antibacterial activity*. In addition, our products are certified by the independent, external Hohenstein Institute.

The antibacterial properties* of our surfaces are consistent, regardless of decor, texture or coreboard. With our decor match system you can carry the same decor across different applications, even in areas with stringent hygienic requirements.


99.9% germ and bacteria free 24 hours
after being properly cleaned and sanitized.

Why choose our wood products for antibacterial applications?

  • Antibacterial properties* come as standard, with no additional cost
  • Tested according to ISO 22196 and certified by Hohenstein Institute
  • Extensive product range means you won’t have to compromise on design


A good cleaning or disinfection remains applicable even on an antibacterial surface.

Without regular and prescribed cleaning, dirt and possible biofilms can adversely affect the properties of the antibacterial surface.

Where people congregate, hygiene remains very important.

See our cleaning tips :

* The product does not contain a known substance that is intended to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate a pest, including germs and bacteria, and our product is not a device that is intended to trap, destroy, repel or mitigate pests, including germs and bacteria.