Thanks to the sustainable, hygienic and impenetrable laminate surface, EGGER laminate does not require any special maintenance.  The surface exists in decor paper, impregnated with melamine resin and is in general easy to clean.  This also goes for structured surfaces.  You do not need to use maintenance products.

Furniture polish and detergent with wax tend to fill up the surface structure of the laminate and build up to a dirt-binding layer.  Therefore these products should not be used.  EGGER surface laminates have to be cleaned regularly.  If necessary only soft detergents must be used.  The detergents should not contain any sanding and grinding ingredients, because these can influence the gloss level and cause scratches.

All sorts of stains can occur, from light and new up to strong and persistant stains, caused by the most diverse materials.  That is why the correct way of cleaning is important. Because of the many possibilities.  In this chart you will find, depending on the degree of pollution, cleaning instructions and explanatory examples when facing specific problems. It goes without saying that at a first cleaning attempt, you should first use the most soft method.


Stains of spilled liquids such as tea, coffee, wine etc. are best cleaned immediately, because the longer this liquids can settle in, the more difficult they will become to remove.

When used daily, you should consider the following recommendations :

  • By extinguishing a burning cigarette onto the laminate surface, the surface gets damaged.  Always use an ashtray.
  • Laminate surfaces may not be used as a cutting board, because knife cuts leave cutting tracks even unto the sustainable laminate.  Always use a cutting board.
  • Hot cooking utensils, such as pots and pans, that come straight from the cooker or out of the oven, may not be put straight onto the laminate, because the heat effect can change the gloss level or damage the surface.  Always use a pad.
  • Spilled liquids always have to be absorbed or removed immediately, because the longer exposure of certain substances can affect the gloss level of the laminate surface.  Especially at cutouts and joints, spilled liquids should always be wiped away as quickly as possible.

These recommendations mainly apply to mat and glossy laminate surfaces, that stand out for their view and structure, but onto which traces of use are quickly visible.  In principle EGGER laminate measures up to the high EGGER quality standard and the standards and regulations in effect.

EGGER laminaat is tested according to EN 438-2:2005 with respect to all relevant quality requirements.

Water-based pen Warm soapy water
Indelible marker Terpentine
Inkt pens Soapy water
Black ballpoints Soapy water
Water Soapy water
Footprints Soapy water
Wax Soapy water
Coffee Soapy water
Fat Warm soapy water
Other stains Soapy water,  terpentine