We mind the future and our environment.
In order to restrain as much as possible harmful effects to the environment, we continuously try to improve ourselves.

  • All our powders are recyclable.
  • By working with spray robots in the new factory, we managed to reduce retouches from 5 % to 0.3 %.
  • Our people have attended the training “ecolizer” offered by the Flemisch Government.
  • In the pretreatment we separate the oil from the water, which allows us to use the water 6 months instead of 3 weeks.
  • Before the water is released into the sewers, it is treated in such a way so that the pollution is almost zero.
  • At present we are working on a new process for reusing this water in order to obtain a closed system.
  • Recuperation of hot air (ovens) to be used for heating the factory.

In collaboration with our suppliers we try to reduce the quantity of packaging as much as possible.   In this respect tambour doors are packed in demountable containers, coils are placed in profiles thus avoiding the use of pallets, our powders arrive in containers of 400 kg.  Internally we stock our semi-finished products in metal bins.

Painted steel

The painting process is a dry process, without the use of solvents.   The powder which falls next to the components (overspray) is sucked up and brought back into circulation by means of a cyclone.  There is no emission.  Furthermore the consumption of paint per lacquered square meter is sensitively lower compared to painting with liquid substances that contain solvents.


All plastic parts we use are thermoplast (melt when heated and are recyclable).
With all parts the plastic is on the surface : PVC, PP (polypropylène), PA (polyamide), PS (polystyrène).


Ecolizer training

Our people have attended the training “ecolizer” from the Flemisch Government in order to be able to analyse the influence of our production process on the environment, the raw materials etc.  This exercise was applied to our tambour door cabinets.