• We generate 35 % of our electricity via our solar panels.  The rest will be put on the net.
  • In a normal year about 860KWh per KWp of electricity can be generated.  We can save up to 461.472 kilo of CO2 per year.
  • The solar panels will loose  a maximum of 1% return annually. This means that after 20 years there will be 80% return left.

Description of our solar panels

4600 polycrystalline solar panels of 220 Wp (Watt peak – maximum power) are installed on the roof of the factory. The panels are facing south at an angle of 15 °.

The total power is 1 MWp.  This output represents an equivalent of 245 families that can be provided with electricity.

The electricity that we use ourselves and the electricity which we inject into the net, is measured by means of a green current meter.  The data of these measurements are required for the payment of the green current certificates.