Due to the strong, hygienic and dense structure, the Softtouch faced boards do not need special maintenance.  In general the surfaces are easily cleaned.  That also goes for the structured surfaces.

Recommended cleaning advices for different pollution degrees :


Clean with a paper towel, with soft, clean wipes (dry/humid) or with a sponge.  When you clean the surface with a humid cloth, you have to rub it dry afterwards with an absorbant paper towel or a microfibre cloth.

Prevention of streaks

Streaks appear after cleaning with organic solvents, cold water and multiple use cloths or chamois.

To avoid streaks or strips while cleaning, it is advisable to go over the surface again with a towel with warm water and then rub it dry with a paper towel or a microfibre cloth.


Cleanse with warm water, a clean towel or microfibre cloth, a soft sponge or soft brush.  Use standard available cleaning products, green or household soap, without abrasive ingredients.  Then wipe the plate with clean water and remove the remaining cleaning product to avoid streaks.  Afterwards rub the surface dry with a clean cloth or a paper towel.

Cleaning products which you should never use, are :

  • Abrasives (scouring powder, scouring pad, steel wool)
  • Polishing products, detergents, furniture cleaners, bleaches
  • Cleaning products containing strong acids and strong salts
  • Steam cleaners


A matte surface is an artificial surface that look and feel as natural as possible.  It has the appearance of a solid wood surface in oiled or painted matt finish.  As with high-gloss surfaces or solid wood surfaces, there are a number of things to keep in mind when cleaning them.

In principle normal dirt residue, like with other artificial surfaces, can be removed smoothly.

It is important that you always use a humid cloth.  By no means you can use abrasives, scouring powder, steelwool, polishes, detergents, furniture cleaners, bleaches, cleaning products containing strong acids or steam cleaners !

The reason is that these cleaning products, just like too rough cloths or scouring pads, cause permanent marks or spots of shine when you rub or scrub too hard, which causes irrevocable damage to the surface.

Grease residues have to be removed as quickly as possible – within 48 hours at the latest – because a too long exposure time can cause damage to the surface as well.


The deep surface of structures such as the ST22 Mineral seem to be more sensitive to pollution and damage of the surface.  However, this assumption is subjective, because laboratory tests have revealed that this type of structure shows a resistance level as high als all other EURODECOR melamine plates.

Cleaning can be done in the same way as described above.  The cleaning cloth however must be used in the direction of the grain.  This information is confirmed by the experiences gained in cleaning when used as a front panel.  Even in combination with very light decors, ST22 can be cleaned smoothly.