Junto Flipper

One of the most significant advantages of folding tables is their modularity. Thanks to their foldable design, they can be easily moved and adapted to the changing needs of an office environment. Whether you require additional workstations for a meeting, training, or temporary workspace, the Junto Flipper provides flexibility without the need for permanent installations.

on 4 wheels
2 front wheels with brakes

foldable and movable


Folding tables are a practical and versatile piece of furniture in the office. With the Flipper, we focus on space optimization.

The Flipper can be easily folded to a compact size as the individual tables fold into each other.


Configure according to your needs.

The legs come with wheels with brakes to ensure table stability. When setting up your new arrangement, you can connect adjacent tables to form a stable unit.

Junto Flipper

Op 4 wielen
2 voorste met rem

Op te klappen en verplaatsbaar


Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is PEFC certified.
You can also order our drawer blocks without tops or with metal tops.
Ahorn (AH)
Nero ingo: Black (NZ) Wit metaal    white (WT)
Dark beech (DB)    black (ZW)
Driftwood (DW)    light grey (GR)
Anthracite oak (EK)    dark grey (GS)
Ferrara oak (FE)    aluminium (AL)
Vincenza oak (VE)
GR - lichtgrijs light grey (LG)
LB - licht beuken Light beech (SB)
ND - noten dijon Natural Dijon walnut (ND)
Verona walnut (VN)
WT - wit White (WT)
ZW - zwart Black (ZW)
The upper tabletops comply with EN 14322 standard.

The melamine top is made from particle boards with a thickness of 25 mm and a density of 650 kg/m³.