Our motto is: Quality always wins!


Groep Robberechts nv is a metalworking family business specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of contemporary office furniture. We do this with a view to people and the environment.

We produce:

  • General storage furniture: roller shutter cabinets, sliding door cabinets
  • Individual storage furniture: drawer units, towers
  • Desk ranges: 4-legged tables, sit-stand solutions, conference furniture, executive furniture
  • Trade goods: soft seating, office chairs, partitions, electrification.

We strictly monitor the limits of our operating and environmental permit. We receive more and more specifications from the Dutch market that incorporate circularity. We will have to take this into account more and more in the future. View our quality marks.

Duurzaamheid | milieu


1880: Alphonse Robberechts starts in Turnhout with a studio where he makes safes. He traveled to Paris by horse and cart to take part in exhibitions and to promote his products. Arthur Robberechts continues his activities.

1948: Albert Robberechts establishes a new branch in Beerse and expands the range with sturdy, high-quality office furniture, mainly intended for the Belgian government.

1983: Yves Robberechts and Karin Verbeeck build a new building in Turnhout. They modernize the machinery, work together with designers and launch new ranges.

1987: We moved to an even larger building on the Steenweg op Gierle in Turnhout. The factory has 150 employees and covers an area of ​​23,000 m².

Late 1990s: In order to meet the increasing domestic and foreign demand, the shareholders decided to build a state-of-the-art factory with an area of ​​43,000 m² for production, storage, showroom and offices in the Turnhout industrial zone.


We continue to innovate and invest.

In addition, a start was made in 2018 with the switch to LED for general lighting in the warehouse. In 2019 the production hall was equipped with LED lighting.
We also invested in the security and speed of our digital network.
For a reliable IT infrastructure, we regularly replace PCs, printers, etc.
Our servers and storage were also renewed in 2019. Our telephone exchange gave way to a VOIP system (Voice over IP). In terms of ERP * system, we switched from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 to AX 2012.
In addition to keeping the machinery performing, we also make efforts to work even safer and more ergonomically and to improve our environmental performance.
Duurzaamheid | milieu
Duurzaamheid | milieu


We produce our furniture with an eye to the future, both the quality and the sustainable production of our furniture is of great importance to us.
We use an energy-efficient technique for the sit-stand desks, so that they are adjustable with a minimum of electricity consumption. By providing optimal after-sales service, we ensure that our customers enjoy years of ease of use.
In this way we always try to improve our products at a sustainable level. With an eye to the future, we also always follow the trends and so today more than ever we put our best foot forward with: sit-stand furniture, small integrated archiving with T-wood or open shelving in our Stan range.
At the end of our furniture, they can be completely cemented.
Our products are the raw materials for tomorrow, so that waste no longer exists.
Our products do not contain substances of very high concern that qualify for an authorization requirement and that are present in the products for more than 0.1% mass / mass.


Sustainable business can no longer be ignored in the media. Robberechts has also been working on this for quite some time. Working together on these reports has automatically led to a number of initiatives aimed at achieving a more sustainable world.

At a time when human capital is gaining in importance, it is important to create an atmosphere of corporate social responsibility. We are convinced that companies that are sustainably managed can more easily attract employees, forge closer alliances with customers and suppliers, work better together in the workplace….