1. Our general sales conditions are assumed to be known by the buyer: the absence of any response within eight days after the cognizance, will cause opposability and this also for the subsequent agreements. These have absolute priority over the order and / or sale terms, even if the latter stipulates the opposite.
  2. An order is only binding when Robberechts has confirmed this order in writing with an order confirmation, or, in the event of advance payment, a pro forma invoice. Changes to an order must be reported within 48 hours of the receipt of the order confirmation or pro forma invoice. After these 48 hours no changes shall be accepted. In the event of cancellation of the order, the customer shall owe a fixed an irreducible compensation of 50% of the order.
  3. All payments shall be made in Euro, are calculated net excluding discounts. Raw materials and currency fluctuations more than 3% justify price adjustments (cf. see Agoria data).
    Unless otherwise agreed, invoices must be settled within 8 days after date of invoice and receipt of goods and services. Should the buyer fail to pay within the agreed payment period or, in the absence of an agreed such period, within the legally stipulated deadline, on the day after the expiry of said payment the seller shall be legally entitled to demand the payment of interest at the reference rate plus eight percentage points rounded up to the nearest half percent. The reference rate shall be the intrest rate applied by the European Central Bank for its most recent main refinancing operation, as defined by the Law of August 2, 2002. Should the buyer fail to pay within the agreed payment deadline or, in the absence of an agreed period, within the legally stipulated time limit, the seller, notwithstanding his right to compensation of the legal costs in accordance with the conditions set out in the Civil Code, shall be entitled to reasonable compensation from the buyer for all relevant recovery costs arising from late payment. This is calculated at a flat rate of 5% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 250 euro.

    The fact that interest is charged does not mean that payments cannot be demanded on the due date.

    All current and future taxes, additional levies and costs, regardless of their nature, related to the sale, are at the expense of the purchaser.

  4. In case of overdue payment, the seller reserves the right, without subpoena, to discontinue its performance, whether or not stemming from current, previous or subsequent contracts, and only to resume, subject to other provisions, as of regularization of the payment.
  5. Financial guarantees:
    Should it transpire after agreement has been reached but before payment has been settled in full that the buyer is experiencing credit difficulties or should the buyer’s creditworthiness diminish, especially in the following cases: requests for payment deadlines, problems of solvability , protests, seizure of all or part of the buyer’s goods at the request of a creditor, delay in social security payments and so forth, the seller reserves the right to demand the guarantee he deems necessary to ensure proper fulfillment of the relevant obligations, even after delivery of the goods. The refusal to comply with this request gives the seller the right to wholly or partly cancel the agreement. No letter of formal notice is required for this purpose.
  6. All complaints, including for visible defects, must be sent to us by registered letter within eight days of delivery on pain of forfeiture. Complaints with respect to product damage need to be supported by visual material.The submission of a complaint does not give the customer the right to delay payment of the goods.

    For hidden defects, such as manufacturing defects, a warranty period of 5 year applies, whereby the defect is rectified by replacement or repair, at the choice of the seller. This excludes normal wear and tear, damage from improper use, incorrect manipulation and poor maintenance. The seller becomes the owner of the replaced parts. These parts will be returned at the buyer’s expense. The seller is not bound to any other warranty or compensation.

  7. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery times shall be estimates only : delays shall not entitle to terminate the contract or to claim any compensation. As such, delivery times may be extended in the event of problems of supply, production or delivery caused directly or indirectly by an epidemic, such as scarcity of raw materials or labour shortages, or by situations of force majeure.
  8. Releasing circumstances:
    releasing circumstances are deemed to include, when they occur beyond the control of the parties and prevent performance of the contract or render its performance unreasonably burdensome : force majeure situations including, but not limited to industrial disputes, binding governmental measures, fire, earthquakes, inundations, mobilisation, seizure, embargo, the prohibition of currency transfers, rebellion, a shortage or delay of transport, shortage of raw materials, restrictions imposed on energy consumption, terrorist (cyber)attacks, epidemics.The obligation to perform shall be suspended for the duration of this circumstance and shall relieve the seller of all liability. The seller shall inform the buyer of the commencement and expiry of the above-mentioned circumstances on which he relies.
  9. Goods being delivered “free-house” means that the delivery is being made on the ground floor behind the door. Any costs for the use of an external elevator or pully will be charged at the going rates.
  10. Cancellation of delivery agreements by the buyer gives rise to the invoicing of all costs incurred and foreseen for transport reservation and personnel. The seller can provide for the storage of the goods at the expense and risk of the buyer, and subject to storage costs.
  11. Our terms and conditions acknowledged and accepted by signing our order form, take precedence over the terms and conditions of the buyer.
  12. Ordered goods are being invoiced at the latest 30 days after the delivery date as confirmed in writing even so if these goods were not yet delivered at the said date at the request of the buyer.
  13. For purchases of less than € 25,- (excluding VAT) € 5,- administration costs will be charged.
  14. Delivered goods remain property of the seller until the moment of full payment. In the event of sale the seller retains the option to claim the sum corresponding to the value of the goods sold. The retention of title is transferred to the re-selling price. Once the goods are delivered, the buyer bears all risks, including force majeure, destruction, and storage. The non-payment of one of the outstanding amounts on the due date, may result in the recovery of the goods. At discontinuation of a product, components can still be backordered during 5 years in the original or in a custom version.
  15. According to the NFE standard, the manufacturer guarantees the possibility to obtain components and products, per unit, during the period of their industrial manufacture. The manufacturer commits himself during 5 years as of date of cessation of production of the range, to deliver the original functional elements or elements that perform equivalent functions.
  16. In the event of judicial recovery or any other civil dispute about said invoice, the Courts of Turnhout are solely competent. Depending on the situation the Court of First Instance, Court of Commerce or the First Cantonal Justice of the Peace Court is competent.
  17. This agreement is governed by Belgian law.