Our wood

We use four categories of raw materials: steel, wood, plastics and covering materials. Wood is 1 of our 4 main raw materials.

Our used wood consists of 70-90% softwood and up to 8% hardwood.

The chipboard in our sheets also consists of 30% recycled wood.

Our chipboard manufacturer takes back our sawing scraps to process into new chipboards.

During production

We work with the chipboard manufacturer to take back sawdust scraps and process them into new boards, minimizing waste.
In addition, our sawdust and wood fiber is collected for useful application in the production of fire logs, energy pellets, bedding and stable bedding. In this way, we ensure a circular approach to our wood waste and help minimize waste.

Our efforts meet the requirements in Flanders and even exceed the average practices in the steel production industry.

Our tops

We work with 3 different types of tops depending on the desk type:

  • Melamine (25 mm)

  • Softtouch (27 mm)

  • Plywood with scharknoise (18 mm)

The melamine tops are tested according to European standard EN14322

30% of the processed wood comes from recycling.

The tops are finished with a 2 mm edge banding.

The melamine top is made of chipboard with a thickness of 25 mm.

At first glance, the surfaces stand out for their super-matte appearance. By touching them, you can feel how pleasantly soft they are. In addition, they surprise by not leaving any fingerprints on them. Thermal repair of very small surface scratches is also possible.

Thanks to its unique properties, FENIX combines functionality and aesthetics, making the surfaces suitable for all kinds of interior design creations.

The plywood top has a thickness of 18mm,
with an HPL top layer.

The plywood tops are finished with a Sharknose, straight side 9 mm thickness with a beveled side at a 30° angle.

We source our wood from sustainably managed forests and apply strict criteria, including the PEFC label, to ensure that we buy only responsible wood.

We ourselves are therefore PEFC certified with number 07-31-295 COC 1287. We are this because of the following reasons:

  • Sustainable forest management for forest conservation.

  • Internationally recognized certification for trust.

  • Traceability from origin to finished product.

  • Support of local economies and employment.