Twinn | Robberechts

2 or 3 body sliding doors
Accessible from one or both sides
High acoustic damping

Armoire PH | Robberechts

Increased lateral privacy
Pen tray at the top of the shelf
Body and fronts in metal

S-Box | Robberechts

2-body sliding doors
elegant perforation
2 types

Shutter cabinet | Robberechts

Different types of slots
Different types of handles
Curtains in PP or PVC

Stan | Robberechts

Open bookcase
35 cm spacing
2.5 cm frame



modular cabinets and drawer units
integrated into the System
push-to-open drawers

Morris ladeblokken | Robberechts

mobile drawer units
melamine structure
push to open

Projectline | Robberechts

Mobile and fixed drawer units
Cylinder or combination lock
A wide range