Junto Presentation

In our Junto Presentation range, we have 2 setups available:
  • Presentation
    1 long table measuring 240 x 80/120 cm.


  • Presentation V
    1 V-shaped arrangement designed for large auditoriums, consisting of main and extension tables.

Junto Presentation

In ons Junto Presentation gamma hebben we 2 opstellingen beschikbaar:

  • Presentation : 1 lange tafel van 240 x 80/120 cm.
  • Presentation  V : 1 V-vormige opstelling voor grote aula’s bestaande uit een hoofd en aanbouw tafels.

Beide zijn beschikbaar in hout of eiken poten. Als topblad kan heeft u ook een keuze uit 2 types: melamine en nanotech, en bij de Presentation kan u ook nog kiezen voor Multiplex.

Junto Presentation

6  Heads
6 – … Heads

Junto Presentation

6 – 9 HEADS
6 – … HEADS


For your auditorium
Cable sleeve

With double zipper.
Total length 80 cm or 160 cm.


Total length: 80 or 130 cm
(Shortening is possible)
Color: white, black, or aluminum.

Metal attachment

For sitting height
For wooden and metal legs
Open space of 16 mm.

Cable tray

Double-sided folding
Adjustable in height: 8, 10, or 12 cm

Cable clips

Set of 5 cable clips

Coni cover Stekkerblok STD
Clapet with brush
Color: white or aluminum
Clapet with brush
Color: white, black or aluminum
Includes power cable (and RJ45 cable) of 3m.
Color: white or aluminum
Ø 8 cm
Colors: white, light gray, or black.
Includes power cable (and RJ45 cable) of 3m.
Color: white or aluminum.
Optional power block of your choice
Compatible with step 3-6 positions
or Meyer Netbox M3-5
Color: white, black, or aluminum

Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is PEFC certified.




Presentation V
Presentation Presentation
Ahorn (AH)
White – Sharknose
Nero ingo: Black (NZ)
Dark beech (DB) Vincenza natural oak  – Sharknose
Driftwood (DW) Multiplex : Noir – Sharknose (MZ)
Oak anthracite (EK) Multiplex is possible up to a width of 120 cm.
Ferrara oak (FE) Multiplex tabletops are finished with a Sharknose (chamfer).
Vincenza natural oak (VE) Due to the rounded corners and Sharknose edge, multiplex is not possible for tables made up of multiple panels.
GR - lichtgrijs Light grey (LG)
LB - licht beuken Light beech (SB)
ND - noten dijon Natural walnut dijon (ND)
Verona walnut (VN)
WT - wit White (WT)
ZW - zwart Black (ZW)
The tabletops comply with the EN 14322 standard.

The melamine tabletop is made from particleboard with a thickness of 25 mm and a density of 650 kg/m³.

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