Junto Triple

The design of the Junto Triple promotes collaboration and teamwork. With three tabletops, colleagues can easily collaborate on projects, share ideas, and communicate more efficiently without physical barriers.

The design with rounded corners and the option of wooden or metal A-legs ensures that the Triple fits into any office. The furniture can contribute to a modern, professional look for the office, leaving a positive impression on clients and employees.

Junto Triple

Triple 120
Triple 140

Junto Rounded

Rouded: Cirkant
4 – 8 heads
H : 75 cm
L : 80 – 90 – 100 – 120 – 140 cm
D : 80 – 90 – 100 – 120 – 140 cm
Rouded: Long Cirkant
6 – 8 heads
H : 75 cm
L : 160 – 180 – 200 cm
D : 80 – 90 – 100 – 120 – 140 cm
Rouded: Round
4 – 8 heads
H : 75 cm
: 120 – 140 cm
Cable sleeve

With double zipper.
Total length 80 cm or 160 cm.


For sitting and standing height. Total length: 80 or 130 cm.
(Shortening is possible)
Color: white, black, or aluminum.

Metal attachment

For sitting height. For wooden and metal legs.
Open space of 16 mm.

Cable clips

Set of 5 cable clips.

Juke (optional)

  • 1x power outlet

  • 1x USB A charger and 1x USB C charger

Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is PEFC certified.



Ahorn (AH)
Nero Ingo: Black (NZ)  
Dark beech (DB)
Driftwood (DW)
Oak anthracite (EK)
Ferrara oak (FE)
Vincenza natural oak (VE)
GR - lichtgrijs Light grey (LG)
LB - licht beuken Light beech (SB)
ND - noten dijon Natural walnut dijon (ND)
Verona walnut (VN)
WT - wit White (WT)
ZW - zwart Black (ZW)
The tabletops comply with the EN 14322 standard.

The melamine tabletop is made from particleboard with a thickness of 25 mm and a density of 650 kg/m³.

GR - grijs metaal ZW - zwart metaal AL - aluminium
WT: white GS: light grey GS: dark gray ZW: black AL: aluminium

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