In our commitment to sustainability and being an environmentally conscious company, guidelines play a crucial role in our product development process.

Our goal is to minimize our ecological footprint, which is why our products must meet strict criteria. These criteria include, among others, the ability to produce them through energy-efficient processes and the requirement that they can be easily separated into different fractions for recycling at the end of their life cycle.

NF Environnement

NF Environment promotes sustainable products that adhere to high environmental standards throughout their life cycle. This label encompasses various categories such as furniture, construction materials, and electronics. Consumers can make informed choices with the NF Environment label, while manufacturers receive recognition for their commitment to sustainability.


Material Passports

Our recent study calculated the CO² emissions for each product in our range throughout its life cycle, providing valuable insights.

This led to the introduction of material passports, offering detailed information on composition and environmental impact. This promotes transparency and enables customers and stakeholders to make informed choices for a more sustainable future.

Standardization Committee
NPR 8313 (NEN)

Robberechts has been a member of the NPR8313 committee since 2019, where we collaborate with competitors and partners to develop guidelines and measurable parameters for circular/sustainable office setups.

These parameters will assist manufacturers, procurement entities, and designers in determining and communicating the circular features of products.