Water policy

We implement various measures for water conservation and environmental protection in our production.

We collect rainwater in a 600 m³ reservoir and utilize it in our production process.

Our environmental management system, in accordance with ISO 14001, focuses on achieving excellent environmental performance, including water management.

In practice


Monthly reports and analyses of gas, water, electricity, and waste help us conscientiously manage resources. We periodically verify compliance with environmental regulations with the assistance of an external environmental coordinator.

Closed water circuit

In our powder coating line, we employ an efficient cascade system and a centrifuge to separate oil from water, allowing us to achieve almost a closed water circuit.

Sustainable commitment
to our environment

Our dedication to water conservation and environmental protection contributes to sustainability and the preservation of valuable water resources. We aim for responsible and efficient production, comply with regulations for water management and consumption, and adhere to OVAM regulations for the discharge of contaminated water.