Discover our S-box sliding door cabinets for the office, available in 2 types: K01 and K02. Personalize your cabinet with a choice of 5 elegant metal colors.

For a touch of refinement, you can also opt for our soothing perforation pattern type E, with white or black foam. And to complete the cabinet entirely, choose between a melamine wooden top, a soft-touch top, a sleek metal top, or a metal plant pot.

Design your perfect office storage solution with S-box!


For this type, the shelves are included depending on the height of the cabinet, as follows:

  • Height 86 cm: 2 shelves

  • Height 122 cm: 4 shelves

  • Height 158 cm: 6 shelves

  • Height 194 cm: 8 shelves


For model K02, we have provided folds so that you can furnish the cabinet with our complete STD interior layout:

  • Multifunctional shelf

  • Rail

  • Consultation shelf

  • System shelf

  • Material storage drawer

  • File drawer

Discover S-Box :

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volgens de Europese Archiveringsnormen.


Ease of Maintenance: Metal cabinets are easy to clean and maintain.


Security: They provide protection for sensitive documents and valuable items with their lock.


Space Savings: Sliding doors do not take up additional space when open, which is especially advantageous in offices with limited space.


Environmentally Friendly: Many metal cabinets are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use, contributing to sustainability.

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