All metal parts are treated with an epoxy powder coating. Our coating is EN71-3 certified, meaning it meets safety requirements and established limits for hazardous substances according to European standards.

When acquiring our powders, we strive to use minimal packaging. For instance, we utilize 400 kg boxes instead of smaller packages, contributing to the reduction of packaging waste. This results in the sustainable choice to offer you a standard selection of 5 colors. If desired, you can contact us for a specific color of your preference.

Our Standard Colors

Our metallic colors approximate the RAL standards.
Other colors available upon request.


GR - grey metal ZW - black metal AL - aluminum
WT: white GS: light grey GS: anthracite grey ZW: black AL: aluminum
RAL 9016 RAL 7035 RAL 7016 RAL 9005 RAL 9006


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During Production

Energy and CO2 emission reduction

We continuously invest in measures to reduce our energy and CO2 emissions. One of these measures involved replacing the powder robot in our paint department and installing new powder pumps to enhance the efficiency of our painting process.


Optimization of powder coating process

In our powder coating lines, product data is automatically linked to each part, creating an optimal program with ideal parameters for a uniform and reliable spray result. This minimizes overspray and increases efficiency.


Reduced overspray and reuse

Approximately 97% of overspray is reclaimed through suction via a cyclone. Only the finest powder particles are captured and cannot be reused.

Recycling of Unused Powder

The powder we don’t use is recycled. A specialized company collects the recycled powder residues. These powder residues are then mixed with textile fibers (waste from textiles) and pressed under pressure and heat.

This process gives them a second life as acoustic molded parts for the automotive industry, thus closing the circular loop.